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font-weight: 600; You can use numeric values. They all correspond to a particular named weight: 100 Thin. 200 Extra Light. 300 Light. 400 Normal. 500 Medium. 600 Semi Bold.

Their primary role is to distinguish faces of differing darkness within a single font family. color — HTML colors (e.g., #666666) font-size — [px or pt or percentage or em] font-family — your choice; font-weight — [bold, normal] font-style — [italic, normal] line-height — [px or pt — number of pixels or points between lines] letter-spacing — [ Xpx or -Xpx — number … Note. Some fonts may only support normal and bold weights.; When a numeric font-weight between 600-900 is provided and the exact numeric weight is not available, then the closest available darker font-weight will be used. Preview Your Fonts Your headline is in Arial This is a sub heading in Arial.. This paragraph is in Arial.Keep reading for how to use the buttons to the left.

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do not have weights other than 400 and 700. CSS font-family property specifies a prioritized list of one or more font family names and/or generic family names for the selected element. CSS font-size property sets the size of the font. CSS font-weight property defines whether the font should be bold or thick. CSS text-transform property controls text case and capitalization. Unfortunately there's no font-weight thicker than 900, and specifying font-weight by number varies across browsers.

Läst 1343 ggr }html>body #content { width: 538px }.

font-weight:800; is the max for Arial. There is no 700. At the max font-weight, it doesn't quite look like Arial Black, but it's a good approximation. I will update my answer. – gwally May 17 '18 at 13:53

bolder Specifies a bolder weight than the inherited value. lighter Specifies a lighter weight than the inherited value. 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900 Numeric font weights for fonts that provide more than just normal and bold.

Font-weight property in CSS will change the weight of the font. This will make the text bold, bolder, light, normal, or you can choose a number weight of 100

At the max font-weight, it doesn't quite look like Arial Black, but it's a good approximation. I will update my answer. – gwally May 17 '18 at 13:53 And, we suggest one more way of making the text bold by adding the CSS font-weight property set to “bold” through the style attribute. Example of making the text bold with the CSS font-weight property: ¶ In CSS, for the font-weight property, the value: normal defaults to the numeric value 400, and bold to 700. If you want to specify other weights, you need to give the number value. That number value needs to be supported for the font family that you are using.

Html font weight

For example you would define semi-bold like this: font-weight: 600; Adjust the color, font-weight, decoration, font-style, variant and the transform. When the preview is close to your objective, send the code to the interactive editor for manual adjustments.
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You can specify a font as being bold, or another relevant value.. Although the font-weight property is typically used for specifying bold text, it can also be used for specifying a particular weight of a font face.

Return the fontWeight property: object .style.fontWeight.
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I exempel nedan finns två stilmallar (klasserna fet och ejfet) samt (X)HTML-kod som visar på hur det skulle kunna användas. .fet { font-weight: bold; }

Bold weight. Equivalent of 700. Along with their family and size, fonts can have weight and style.