The Lofotr Viking Museum in Borg, Norway, is the place to be if you want a more in-depth experience of how Vikings lived. One of the 15 chiefdoms settled in Lofotr in 500 AD. Excavations brought up the remains of the largest Viking building ever to be found in Europe. The building has been masterfully reconstructed.


For the full experience of seeing Vikings in Sweden – complete with helmets, swords and scraggly blonde beards – head to this open-air museum. It’s a 30-minute drive from Malmö and has some nice authentic touches: chickens scurry about the place, campfire smoke fills the air, and the setting is unspoilt enough that you might even think you’ve taken a step back to the Viking Age.

Vikingaliv is a new viking museum in Stockholm that will give visitors insight into life during the Viking Age. Learn more about one of history’s most mythical time periods. The main attraction is Ragnfrid’s Saga, an 11-minute long Viking Ride, inviting visitors into a dramatized tale of a family’s life in the 900s. Today, in addition to offering guided tours of the archaeological site, there is a museum and reconstructed Viking village on the island. This historic town, which dates back to the 750s, is today one of 15 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Sweden.

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Audioguide and adventure ride is available in English, Russian,  Opening of The Vikings Begin at Nordic Museum. 2018-10-22. Exhibition on site at the Nordic Museum in Seattle. Photo: Mikael Ahlund / Gustavianum. Saturday  Jan 19, 2014 - Foteviken Viking museum, Vellinge, Sweden. Stockholm, Sweden.

The Vasa ship capsized and sank in Stockholm 1628. After 333 years on the sea bed the mighty warship was salvaged and the voyage  Discover Vikingaliv Runestone in Stockholm, Sweden: Outside a Viking museum sits a modern-day runestone made by a Swedish runemaster using traditional  The Vikings Begin features dozens of early Viking artifacts from boat graves, organized by Uppsala University in Sweden and its museum, Gustavianum, which  Stockholm Old Town and The Viking Museum, a small group tour · 1 review. $74.48 per Contact.

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Foteviken Museum ― Museivägen 27, S-23691 Höllviken, Sweden Phone: +46 (0)40-330 800 ― E-mail: ― More contact info ― Integrity policy Since many years Foteviken Museum is cooperating with various Viking associations across Europe. This makes the Viking town a natural gathering place for people with a Viking interest involved in re-enactment and living history. What: An open-air museum and Viking town in southern Sweden. This Viking town gives you the opportunity to visit a town in the process of being founded.

The Vikings are possibly best known as brutal robbers. Today there are many pictures and stories about the Vikings, stories that describe how they travelled around the world, frightening the life out of people. This is not the true story of the Vikings. The exhibition stands until January 6 2019.

We are opening the museum during chosen dates during Easter. Bring your friends and family to see the vikings in a safe way. In small groups of 8 you get a 45 min guided family tour, take the ride Ragnfrids saga and explore the exhibition.

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May 17 – June 13 Thursday-Friday – 11.00-15.00 Saturday-Sunday – 12.00-15.30. June 14-24 Daily – 12.00-15.30. June 25-27 Closed.
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Our Viking exhibition is temporarily closed. A brand new exhibition will open in the beginning of 2021. Plan your visit Explore the exciting pre-history, the 19th century life, the development of the modern industrial Gothenburg and the only exhibited Viking ship in Sweden, Äskekärrsskeppet. Temporarily closed. The museum is located in the historic East India Company building from the 18th century.

Bring your friends and family to see the vikings in a safe way. In small groups of 8 you get a 45 min guided family tour, take the ride Ragnfrids saga and explore the exhibition. The tour will be held in English on Monday the 5th of April at 11:00 and Sunday the 11th of April at 14:00.
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Welcome spring with an Easter visit to The Viking Museum. We greet you, who is a little extra curious about the Viking age, warm welcome to fun family views and exciting Viking heritage. During some selected days, The Viking Museum opens up and offers all Easter holidays a 45-minute family show with one of the museum's archaeologists, an exciting interactive exhibition and the Viking center Ragnfrid's saga.

On the island you can go strolling in the cultural landscape, join a guided tour of the archaeological fields and visit the Birka Museum.